Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How's It Going? The NY SAFE Act and Mandatory Thought Police for Therapists

Oh, Clink is going to hate me for that provocative post title, but so it goes.  

There's so much going on that I'm going to put up a few posts in a row.  

This one is to ask for your feedback: How are people in New York feeling about the new law requiring therapists to report people they feel are likely to be dangerous? Read my views Here and Clink's view Here.

I'm watching legislation in Maryland carefully.  So far, our governor has proposed legislation that requires reporting all patients who have a continuous stay in a psychiatric facility for over 30 days, voluntary or not.  I figure this probably captures eating disordered patients, geriatric admissions, and forensic patients (--who mostly already get reported because the current law requires reporting involuntary patients in state hospitals for over 30 days).  You can later request your gun rights back by appealing with a letter from a psychiatrist certifying that you are safe.  I'll get you a list of psychiatrists who will be providing those, right along side those who will be prescribing medical marijuana, which is also back in the hopper again.  

We are expecting a bill to be proposed soon that will require therapists to report dangerous patients -- hopefully it will go nowhere.  Oddly enough, while there is legislation mandating that psych patients be reported to the government to curtail their access to guns, there is also legislation proposed by Delegate Don Dwyer proposing that ammunition sales people may not require identification in order to purchase ammunition and forbidding such information to be given to the government.  I may move to Delegate Dwyer's district just so I can vote against him.  The last time I had a cold, I was required to fill out forms and provide my drivers' license (taken to the back room for several minutes) before I could get a single box of decongestants.  I look like the Meth Lab type? (Oh, but I am enjoying Breaking Bad). 

So I want to hear from you, especially if you live in New York!