Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shrink Rappers Top Clinical Psychiatry News

The list of the top ten most frequently viewed articles for 2012 in Clinical Psychiatry News just came out, and the Shrink Rappers are well represented with three posts by each of us. Here they are, in the order of "most viewed":

1. Is Ketamine the Next Big Thing for Depression? (by Roy)

2. The Aurora Shootings: Why The Mental Health Community Must Show Restraint (by me)

3. It's Time to Stop Strip Searching Patients (by Dinah)

I thought that given our blog readers' input and thoughts on our various posts over the years, I should let you guys know that your comments have helped shape what we write about as well as our opinions over the years. Apparently, the psychiatric community at large is listening too, if the Clinical Psychiatry News stats are any indication.

So....keep reading, keep commenting and thank you for helping us write.