Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Registries and Registries

Gun Registries
Over on Pete Earley's blog yesterday, he had a guest post by Jessie Close who talks about her fears that some of the new legislation being proposed to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill may compromise her privacy.  Our readers have also expressed fears about what such legislation may bring, and some have said that if psychiatrists are mandated to report dangerous patients to authorities for the purpose of preventing or ending their gun ownership, they will drop out of treatment.  I wanted to respond to the post, but oh, registering and proving that I'm not a robot and waiting to see if I was moderated in or out were too much, so instead I shot Mr. Earley an email, and today I'm the guest poster on his blog.  See A Psychiatrist Speaks About Gun Laws on PeteEarley.com.

Bed Registries
And over on The Baltimore Sun's website, you'll note that another Shrink Rapper is talking about bed registries that would allow ERs to figure out where psych beds are available and to shorten how long patients get stuck waiting in ERs while the staff call around trying to find beds.  Our own photogenic Roy can be seen and heard in Hospitals Team to Find Beds for Psychiatric Patients.     And just in case that's not enough, Roy is also mentioned in a second article on proposed legislation to require hospitals to participate in the registry.  His quote of the day, "That kind of freaked everybody out."  

And in case you're wondering, the baby pictured above is looking for a toy registry, he is not interested in either owning a gun or occupying a psychiatric bed.