Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shrink Links: Guns & Suicide, DSM-V, and the Evolution of NAMI

Here are some links to some thought-provoking articles about psychiatry.

Our colleague and friend,
 Dr. Steven Sharfstein writes in the Baltimore Sun that keeping guns from the mentally ill will decease suicide rates.  I'll agree with him, and add that keeping guns from everyone will decrease suicide rates even more. See Mental Illness and Guns: Suicide is the Issue.

The Invitation to a Dialogue editorial in the New York Times once again features a psychiatrist who has been a guest blogger on Shrink Rap.  Dr. Ron Pies talks about the value of psychiatric diagnoses and the new DSM-V.  Among those who responded are Dr. Allen Frances, the chairman of the DSM-IV Task Force who has been railing against the DSM-V, a member of the DSM-V committee who quit, and a number of people with psychiatric diagnoses, including a recovery movement advocate.  I think you'll enjoy Sunday Dialogue: Defining Mental Illness.

And over on Pete Earley's blog, he takes us through the history of NAMI and how it's moved from being parent-focused to including a strong patient voice.  This year's convention will include speaker Robert Whitiker, author of several books which demonize psychotropic medications.  Do check out: The Changing Face of NAMI.   

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts.