Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another CPT Coding Resource

 Dr. Michael Price writes:
Hello. I'm writing in response to your 11/2012 Clinical Psychiatry News
article re CPT coding, to let you and the other Shrink Rap people know
about a free web-based interactive teaching resource I developed for
helping people learn CPT coding for psychiatry, trying to get the word
out. I don't know if you'd actually want to link to it in a CPN note or
something, because it's not "official" from any organization, but I
think your members and others might want to know about it in some way or
other, and it's new enough (I finished it mid-February) and I'm small
enough (just a person, not some organization with a big site and high
traffic) that it doesn't really show up much in web searches about that
sort of thing. It hasn't gotten a lot of hits as yet,but I have had very
positive feedback from people who've used it.

Anyway, if you look at it and think it would be useful to people, please
do whatever seems best to make people aware of it as a resource - I
think it's one of the best ways to master coding quickly, and I don't
know why none of our organizations did something like this themselves to
let people get hands-on and see the nuts and bolts in action. Your
article noted, "Dr. Schmidt suggested I buy a manual on how to use E/M
codes and noted, “There probably is not a way to make learning this
easy.” The truth be told, I want a way for this to be easy." I think you
might actually agree that maybe now there is, or about as easy as it can
be (or if not, I'd like to know, since that was my goal, lol - looking
for something like this and not finding it (except a very crude
implementation on was what motivated me to create it)

The link to the page is here:

and it's most easily/directly found in searches by "psychiatric code coach".