Saturday, May 11, 2013

Around the Web, With the ClinkShrink Article Addendum!

Today is the last day that my novel, Double Billing, is available as a free download.  This promotion has had over 1,700 downloads in the last 4 days.  If you do read it, please write a review.
The link is HERE.

For those who follow the blog Hyperbole and a Half, you may know that blogger Allie has been silent for the last 18 months because of an awful struggle with depression. She's back, I'm glad, Jessie's glad, and the illustrated story of her depression now has 5,000 comments.  I borrowed one of her graphics for this post.  It was hard to decide which of designs was best, so do check them out.

In case you haven't noticed, everyone in every media source is bickering about the DSM-5.  At Shrink Rap, we're patiently waiting.  Here's some stuff to read:
--From the New Yorker last month.
--From the New Yorker this week.
--The NIMH says they are going to use different research criteria, not the DSM-5.
--And PsychCentral talks about what this means.
--Psych Practice is looking at the differences in the old vs the new manual.
--And Psycritic is looking out how the new manual changes autism spectrum illnesses.

Finally, in case you didn't hear the shocking news (sarcasm dripping), the APA emailed out a news alert that an infant's inconsolable crying is associated with a higher risk of post-partum depression.  Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't find this fact to be obvious.  You can read about it in Pediatrics

Oh, no, I almost forgot, ClinkShrink wrote a great article on what it's like to be a psychiatrist in the gang-rule Baltimore City jail.  Over on Clinical Psychiatry News, do check it out.