Monday, September 09, 2013

What are You Afraid to Ask About Psychiatry?

On Thursday, ClinkShrink and I will be speaking at the Johns Hopkins University's  Fall Odyssey Program.  It's a lecture series, and we'll be speaking at the kick-off reception for a program called Mini-Med School.  We were asked and, flattered, we said "Yes!"  I didn't ask what they'd like us to speak about, and I started hearing details from people after the brochure came out.  Our talk is titled,   "Everything you always wanted to know about psychiatry but were afraid to ask."  One hour.  Two speakers.  Please leave lots of time for questions.  Okay, so I'm tasked with condensing my 12 years of higher education and 20 years of experience into 20 minutes (10 minutes for questions), then ClinkShrink gets her go at it.  

So I have a question for our Shrink Rap readers: What do you want to know about psychiatry that you're afraid to ask?

If you'd like to come, we'd love to have you.  I have no idea if there is still space, last I heard (back when I asked what I was talking about and where I should show up), I was told there was a good response, so I don't know if there are seats left.  

Here's the link to the brochure: 
If psychiatry isn't your thing, there are many other choices.