Sunday, December 29, 2013

Psychiatry Articles on the Web

There have been a number of articles I've wanted to mention lately.

In the New York Times:
When the Right To Bear Arms Includes the Mentally Ill

In the Wall Street Journal, set in our own Maryland:
For the Mentally Ill, Finding Care Grows Harder


Representative Tim Murphy Instroduces Mental Health Legislation

From the StarTribune:

Minnesota Security Hospital: Staff in Crisis Spreads Turmoil

In Atlantic Monthly, a poignant story about one man's battle with anxiety:

Surviving Anxiety

And finally, on Salon, it's from nearly two years ago, but I ran across Linda Gray Sexton's account of being suicidal and found it to be moving:

In the shadow of my mother's suicide


Anonymous said...

"For the mentally ill, finding care grows harder" so the response to this in Maryland (and other states) is AOT. Yeah, that makes sense.