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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Is it Time for Comment Moderation? Please Vote on Our Sidebar Poll

One complaint about psychiatry is that psychiatrists won't entertain ideas that counter what 'established' psychiatry believes.  We actually don't think that's true--psychiatry has made a lot of changes.  At Shrink Rap, we pride ourselves on taking all comers and letting people rant about whatever they want (no obscenities, please).  For years, we've put up posts and people have come on to tell us about their experiences, both good and bad.  Lately, we've had a lot of contention in our comments, and some repetitive links to sites that counter what we feel is good medicine.  We haven't removed them-- it's not that we oppose the idea that there are people out there who think our treatments aren't helpful, and we certainly believe that they aren't helpful to everyone-- but at times, the comments are incessant, repetitive, angry, mean, it feels like we're being harassed, and that we're being used as a site to place advertisements to other blogs/information which we feel are incorrect, and I worry that these anti-psych messages may insult our readers who a) practice psychiatry, b) feel helped by psychiatry, or c) feel frustrated with psychiatry but have found Shrink Rap to be a somewhere they can respectfully vent.  While I don't want to shut down dialogue, this is a Psychiatry blog, and those who don't like us are welcome to start their own blogs!  Funny, some of our ardent 'haters' (I use that term kind of affectionately) don't have blogs, don't have sites that allow comments, or moderate their comments, all while accusing us of being closed minded.

Should we begin to moderate our comments?  
Oy, one more thing on the "To Do List." 
One more thing for the 'haters' to kvetch at us about.  We would continue to allow opposing views, but we would moderate out obscenities, pure hostility without a clear message, rudeness to us or other commenters, repetition, and comments that are placed merely to direct readers to other websites with the idea that those hold "The Truth" while our views are simply "wrong."

What do you think?  We'd love to hear your comments and please do vote on the sidebar poll, and only vote once.  We'd love to hear your comments even if you think psychiatry might be helpful to some people!

Someone suggested putting pro-psychiatry comments (and a plug for the Shrink Rap book!) on these other websites.  I've surfed over to some of them--- and you know, it is amazing to me how much more vocal people who don't like medications are, it's almost like it's not socially cool to say "meds helped me."

Your comments are welcome, and if you'd like to put Shrink Rap plugs on other sites, go for it!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Switched-on Blogger (2.0)

Well, it seems we made the switch, but darned if I could tell the difference. Where's the cool drop-down selectors for the archives and for the blogroll?

I'll check out the Template area, maybe there's something there. This whole widget business looks interesting, also. If any of our readers have some good tips about using the new Blogger, especially the widget feature, please comment.

Oh, Dinah is under the weather so we might not make our podcast tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quiet Time

[posted by dinah, who finally got into the dashboard]

There are many people in my life-- even among those who love me--who would like just a little peace. "You talk too much." I've heard that at times. Oh, lots of times. An occupational hazard, I like to rationalize, of having to sit quietly and listen so much.

So now, even blogger, from 3 different computers, wants me silent. Surprisingly, I'm doing okay with it, waiting patiently for Clink & Roy to update us, biding my time. I've only had a few seizures, petite mal at that, and I'm almost caught up on LOST : up to beginning of the third season at any rate.

It's not that I have much to say, it's just that, well, that's never stopped me before.
Clink, Roy, any time it's safe to update to the new, improved, and postable Blogger, just say the word.....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Life As A Blogger

[posted by dinah]

This is the thing, while blogging is no longer ruining my life, and Shrink Rap is simply a blog, it continues to bring me satisfaction. I like having somewhere to come when something stirs me up. I like having an outlet to write -- I've said this before, but hey, repetition is part of the deal in psychotherapy, and while writing blog posts isn't "psychotherapy" it is therapeutic. One should take satisfaction and joy where one can find it, even if that means eating chocolate with friends while you talk about things you know nothing about, into some strange looking microphone that looks like something out of a sci fi movie and then you take pictures of your feet.

This is the other thing, I don't try to find topics to write about, I wait until I get hit by a wave of inspiration. The funny thing is, I seem to get hit by these inspiring waves at moments when I'm not near a computer. I'll get an idea. Then I'll get another idea. Then I'll get a third idea. Then when I'm near a computer, and either I can't get into the Dashboard (help, it's demanding I update to NEW blogger--Roy says not yet, and then he vanished under the floorboards) or my ideas have vanished.

So, I'm pleased I could get into the dashboard today. I'm sure what I wanted to say. I keep meaning to write about the importance of the relationship in psychotherapy, though I'm not sure what it is, exactly, that I want to say. That, you may have noticed, has never stopped me before. We're waiting on Roy for a 3 Blogger post on why we love psychiatry. I even linked it to a cute little poem. Roy hasn't finished yet, and I imagine he'll let me know when he has.

I've thought of asking if anyone one out there, say all those editors at Doubleday, wants to publish my latest novel? I'm a bit lost, though it's been mailed off to New York. I've been at it too long to let myself feel hopeful.

If you don't hear from us for a while, it's because I can't get in to post. I'm not sure how it happened today, yesterday I couldn't get access at all. Oh, and it didn't help that ClinkShrink had comcast problems.

Really just rambling. Thank you for listening.

Monday, January 22, 2007

This Is Our 300th Post!

Some bloggers announce their anniversaries. We'll do that, too, I've no doubt.

Since April, we've been posting, podcasting, meeting, texting, emailing, dining at Roys (of the restaurant chain), photographing our feet (how nuts is that?), blogging about jails, inmates, psychotherapy, drugs, neurotransmitters, patients, doctors, both, neither, brain anatomy, floor boards, sleepless nights, ducks, our fellow blog-o-land friends, Iowa, The New York Times, The Ravens, movies, TV shows, anything anyhow that we could make sound in any way Shrinky or not.

This is our 300th Post!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Multiple Personality

Steve's been helping us figure out how to set up Blogger to more clearly indicate who posts what, since there are three psychiatrists who post here. [Sounds like a joke; "So, these three psychiatrists walk into a blog..."]

If I haven't totally broken the template here, you should start to notice that our individual blogs will have some differences in formatting (font, color, stuff like that), which makes it easier to tell when we switch. This post is, in fact, my test to see if it works (should be different font style).

Hopefully, these changes will allow us to stay more grounded, while maintaining a more integrated appearance.