Saturday, June 09, 2007

Someone Knows the Trouble I've Seen

First: Podcast #23 is up. It's getting great reviews.
Second: The rest of Chapter 8 is up at Double Billing.
And now for our regularly scheduled post:

I don't know Michelle Slatalla. I've never met her, never talked to her, haven't poked her. I imagine she wears her pants too high, but I don't know if she drives a cool car, if she sends text messages to her friends, what shows she watches or wines she drinks. What I do know is that she does a good job of talking about MY life (..maybe she reads Shrink Rap?)

In Thursday's New York Times, in "Cyberfamilias: omg my mom joined facebook!" Ms. Slatalla writes :

I HAVE reached a curious point in life. Although I feel like the same
precocious know-it-all cynic I always was, I suddenly am surrounded by younger precocious know-it-all cynics whose main purpose appears to be to remind me that I’ve lost my edge.

Many of these people are teenagers.

Some of them I gave birth to.

Wait, did I write that? I don't remember writing that. Does this person own the same children I that I do?

My newest comrade in parenting teenagers then goes on to recount how she joined Facebook and repeatedly poked (?harassed) her daughter and her daughter's friends, asking them to be her friends. Her daughter's friends allowed her in-- she now knows who is going where and with whom. Her daughter resisted, but Ms. Slatalla, bless her heart, poked the child into at least partial submission, and the daughter finally befriended her, but with only limited access to her profile-- help me if I get the terms wrong here, I'm decades too old for this world.

Okay, so I have a facebook page. And I poked one of my kids. He said no. He came downstairs in real life and told me not to poke his friends. I would never poke my kid's friends, even I'm not that dumb (sorry, Michelle). I've left it, I poked only once. I'd previously been blocked from his Instant Messenger and I've decided to leave it that I'm happy he doesn't Call Screen me out, but that may be because I pay for his phone. It seems I can E-mail too.

So Michelle Slatella set up her Facebook profile last week, according to her article. I set mine up 6 months ago. This is the photo I've put on my profile:
So six months and I have ONE friend. My niece let me in. I barely know her, she's a college student, and her profile requests that you post memories you have of times you've had together with her. I started to write on her wall, describing how beautiful she was as a baby, how I loved dancing with her in my arms when she was 7 months old. She really was a total doll. Then I decided that no college student wants their aunt on their Facebook wall dancing with them in infancy, so I sent it to her privately. I haven't heard from her since and I've had to content myself with looking at her photos and reading the birthday greetings on her wall.

I had another friend for a while. Rich poked me. I accepted (I've always liked Rich) and I checked off that I knew him because we hooked up. I've never hooked up with anyone, I was married before hooking up was invented. But patients talk about hooking up all the time and here was my cyber-opportunity to pretend I was cool. Now I'm also friends with Rich's wife, and maybe this explains why he's no longer listed as my friend? Apparently, I've been unfriended. Wow.

Patients talk about Facebook. And the truth is, they're all under 30. No one my age talks about Facebook. Then again, no one I've seen over 30 talks about their blogs either. It's a whole other world, with all its own lines of significance and innuendos. Who pokes who, who doesn't poke who, who lets you in, and who unfriends you. I grew up in a world where people slighted you by not returning phone calls and and not saying "Hi" in the hallway.

Okay, enough, I'm going now to poke Michelle Slatalla. I think she's my age. I wonder if she has a blog and a podcast. If she wants to be my friend, I'll write on her wall.